I was fortunate enough to be asked by members of MicrosoftDesignworksMixt and DesignCo to be part of a collaborative project for Tech Week's Creative Realities.  We were tasked with taking an existing set of statistics, that proved the value of design to the New Zealand economy, and
re-imagining them in a playful, interactive and informative way through Virtual Reality.

My role in this project was Concept and Experience Designer alongside the brilliant James Weeks. We worked closely and collaboratively with the parties involved, and especially the developers: Ryan Sumner and Mau.


Teamed with case studies of the brilliant people at Allbirds and Good Nature, we worked towards demonstrating how a design-led approach contributes to a company’s success. With only four weeks to build the experience out in Unity our student development team were seriously under pressure. And of course, there were the unknown challenges thrown into the mix, like creating a 3D model of an Allbirds shoe, which involved a pristine pair of Wool Runners, a few hundred photos (aka photogrammetry) and a lot of uploading time!

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 9.40.34 AM.png

We presented Design Stacks Up: A VR experience at Creative Realities on the 24th of May 2018. Below is a short snippet of a Minimum Viable Product version of the project, enjoy.