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Puoro Tautoko (a musical accompaniment) was proposed in partnership with the Wellington SPCA, advocating for equal animal rights for all species. The project aims to re-celebrate the pigeon, an animal which has long been an ally to humans (messenger-pigeons, pigeon war photography, etc...) but has since fallen out of public acceptance. Instead, the 21st century pigeon is seen as dirty, diseased, and dull.

We asked the question, how can we re-celebrate the pigeon in a radically new way, while still acknowledging it's distinct "pigeon-ness". The result of this enquiry became a sound-based public intervention in Civic Square, Wellington. 

The project was selected for the 2018 Best Awards, something we are especially stoked about!
The Awards will take place on the 22nd of September.

See more of the project here.



The installation samples real-life pigeon noises (flapping, cooing, etc...) from around the Wellington region, which are then each modulated and assigned to a touch point around civic square.

These geometric touch points use the Arduino based Touch-Board to allow conductive touch - meaning that pigeon sounds can be triggered through people interacting with these points.

We used this technology to create an ever-changing, collaborative symphony to be playing both by pigeons and people entering the site, the sound resonating from central dove-cote shaped speakers in the middle of Civic Square.

Below is a selection of images from the project, enjoy.