VRTX is a Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality collective, run out of Massey University's Wellington Campus.

VRTX came into existence one year ago, as a startup/facilitation hub/collective with the goal to connect creative young people with the fast-growing, lucrative, and developer-heavy tech industry in Wellington.

Initially this proved difficult for a small club of 3 people.

However, now we are partnered with the awesome people at the New Zealand Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association (or the NZVRARA for short), and part of a wider organisation of hundreds. Because of the NZVRARA, our members have unprecedented access to attend exclusive meetups, workshops, and member events, as well as internships and workplace training, plus the latest technology and Welly tech experts.

We are currently working towards a large amount of projects and events (including a kickass event surrounding mental health, VR, and tiltbrush, woo hoo), showcasing student work, setting up a new VR/AR Suite at Massey, and linking creative young peeps up with some truly inspiring organisations. 

Like to find out more about what we do, or how you can get involved? We would love to hear from you, get in contact here: hello@vrtx.nz

or check us out on Facebook: www.facebook.com/vrtx.massey